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Mature woman Marina

42 y/o
Moskva, Russia
Fitness trainer 

Looking for a man for Marriage, Relationship

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Is there an ideal woman? Who thought of that? No, people are not perfect, basically! But still worth a try can come anywhere close to the ideal? Women seeking men with extreme care! It's so important to be near a real man, not his likeness! But this woman is the most important thing for a decent man! This is his support, understanding! Russian woman is the best keeper of the hearth! The Russian and Ukrainian women laid out Pocono centuries the most important thing is taking care of her man! And that is so important for men as caring? I do not want to appear self-centered, but I'm trying to be like the ideal woman that I described above! For me, taking care of my man is the most important thing! This implication has to love her man, to understand and to be a reliable rear for him! I hope this will be exactly what you are looking for!

Nowadays, not only men looking for women, but also women looking for men as often. In particular, women approach this carefully, because the future is the main male pride, protection, understanding and support for women. Women, do you agree with me? This dating site offers first meet women online, and then life will put everything in its place! For me it is important that the man was primarily a man! The word "man" already includes such concepts as a strong defender, clever! Perhaps this is the most important quality for every woman! In general Lawless Heart! Sometimes you yourself do not understand why you fell in love with it in this woman or this man! We have a chance to meet his love, so let us not waste it!

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