Dating online: tips for men

Where to find the girl, and most importantly - when, if most of the day do you spend in the office or just in front of the computer? That's right, the internet. We offer you a few tips on how to "behave" himself in the virtual space for successful dating.

1. Loading solely your photos. Choose the most successful, however, remember that without fanaticism! Your pictures should not be too much different from what you look like in real life. Girls like natural photo.

2. Count the "About Me" fills too briefly and clearly. The smaller the text better.

3. Be as honest as you fill your account. Do not invent a "megaobrazy" that you are nothing new, and even more so, it's nice not hit. Again the same, whether natural.

4. Forget patterns in the network. Waste from the trivial, show enthusiasm, imagination. And remember, never start dating with words such as "hello" or "let's get acquainted?". This leads many girls to a screeching halt.

5. Do not be lazy to study the information about the person you are interested in: find out what she is interested in, he likes to do in his spare time as positioning itself in the pictures. It is also very important.

6. Every girl loves attention to itself and an individual approach. Take an interest in its affairs, plans, views on some things. Make a compliment, for example, what it interesting and unconventional source. However, remember that it should look natural!

7. Speaking of compliments. Write a girl compliments, put smiles huskies and other emotional "elements". Ladies it's always good, and according to statistics, in the compliments they meet 7 times more often. However, do not confuse compliments with open flattery. It is unnecessary, and it looks really very implausible.

8. Introduction to the Internet and has the main secret - to be an interesting conversationalist. Talk to the girl on a variety of topics, share opinions, views and interests of its affairs, be polite and friendly. Not deter girls indecent proposals, be a gentleman.

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