Top 10 Reasons To Choose Russian Woman As Your Girlfriend

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Want to have a russian woman be your girlfriend? Here are 10 reasons to meet with a Russian girl, described by a foreigner.
1. Unique style
Russian women, in contrast to European women more feminine. They love to dress up and take care of their appearance, always want to look at 100%! Short skirts, studs, sexy dresses, make-up - is the norm. Just a little stroll through the streets of Moscow and you'll see for yourself.
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2. Education
Most of Russian women have a rich inner world and, unlike American women, well educated. Many people know and speak several languages. If you are looking for a girl with whom you can talk heart to heart, and want something more than the cries of "cool" or "wow", then simply find a Russian woman for you!
3. For Russian women, the family is a priority
Russian women have traditional views on male and female roles in the family. A man in Russia is the breadwinner who earns and provides a decent life, and the woman is considered as the mistress and mother. Nowadays, many women use every opportunity to get a good education, find a good job and build a career. Nevertheless, the family is always a priority for the majority of Russian women.
4. Pride and modesty
Most Russian women modest and friendly. As education in accordance with patriarchal traditions, Russian woman and a man are compliant they always have the authority. In Russia, women do not rush to the divorce, instead they use all possible chances to save your marriage and to continue the relationship with the man chosen. They attach great importance to the romantic, like when men give them flowers and read poetry. If a Russian woman loves, there are no rules for it, they fall in love once and for all life.
5. A good housewife
Russian women are also known as a good homemaker, excellent cook and a loving mother. They are, as a rule, a child learn how to cook traditional Russian dishes, and also like to do it. In Russia, there is no habit of hiring servants and maids, that is why Russian women used to do at home all by yourself. These qualities Russian women are highly valued by people both in Russia and in many other countries.
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6. The Good Wife
The Russian women want to have children and a family, a wife and mother. Many of them will be completely happy only in this role. Many leave the job to devote himself to the family. The whole Russian culture teaches that a woman finds happiness in motherhood.
7. Russian women adaptable
Russian women are one of the most adaptable people worldwide. These ladies know all about life in an unstable economy. They know how to make something out of nothing and are not afraid of difficulties.
8. Look for a husband abroad
In Russia, men too are smart and interesting, but Russian men just do not get to be a good husband. The overwhelming majority of Russian women looking for husbands abroad, be honest in their intent, they want to have a reliable partner, a happy family and a stable future. They are not intended to get married and divorced two years later.
9. Russian women are not interested in your financial status
Russian girl will love you just as you are of her. Russian woman is certainly interested, if you have a stable job to provide for his family. Of course, it will pay attention to your financial situation at the stage of dating, but will choose you, not your money. And if you try to impress a woman by your wealth, you get a negative reaction. Russians will show you that the wealth of your soul is much more important than the value of the bank account.
10. Russian Accent
You’ll fall in love with the Russian accent. Whether you’ll love to make fun of it or you’ll get turned on by it – it doesn't matter – you'll love it regardless.

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