Why do foreign men like Russian women?

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"How to marry a Russian, and live happily ever after" - a book with the same name, published in Italy, reveals all the secrets of foreign gentlemen conquest girl from Russia.

How to conquer the Russian girl? What kind of man she loves? What she expects from the novel with a foreigner?

What are they remarkable?
Russian women are not only a kind, caring, agreeable and interested in family than Italians, writes zhdushek forum. Another important aspect, although not the most important - their beauty: they are well-maintained, elegant and feminine.

The first time I was in Moscow, writes Signor Bandiera, I rented an apartment a few hundred meters from Tverskaya. While walking, I saw a group of girls that came out of the store. I stood with my mouth open: they were in fancy dresses, high-heeled shoes, brightly dyed, so that their faces looked doll. "You're going to a festival?" - I decided to ask, thinking that they might go to the wedding of someone. But it turned out that nothing like this. They just walk. For the Russian girl is very important to emphasize their femininity through clothing. Hair perfectly packed, perfect manicure and pedicure, moreover, it is practically impossible to meet a girl in sneakers. All the while dressed in the latest fashion.

What kind of men they love?
Girls from Russia prefer much older satellites. Do not be surprised if the 20-year-old girl is interested in men 40 years of age.

Unlike Western women, who love the perfect athletic body and manly beautiful faces here, fortunately, other laws of attraction. Small tummy will not create any problem, you can be sexy without pumped media. "A man should be a little nicer monkeys" - says a Russian proverb.

What else is able to hit a female Russian fantasy? The habit often smiling. Try to show a positive, sunny side, but do not overdo it. Not fundamentally important, and your bank account. Those who have a car and apartment, is considered rich.

How to get acquainted?
With Russian girls easily meet. If you are polite, you are unlikely to go away will be sent at least exchange a few words.

Stay at the entrance to the subway and look around, ask for help from a passing girls. Yes, in Italy this scene may seem fantastic - for new acquaintances, we are accustomed to using specific places, discos and clubs. Forget all the strategies to which we are accustomed to, select a nice girl and you go to it. The main thing is not to start from the very beautiful compliment. Ask her if she spoke in English, and ask for help, explaining that you are the first time in the Moscow metro. Once overcome modesty, you will feel more confident in the string of beautiful women, reminiscent of a fashion show.

How to behave on a date?
Russian women do not expect that you immediately ocharuete them: they do not live in a romantic movie where everything is perfect.

To win the trust of Russian women have for a long time, so be very careful and do not make the wrong moves. Be careful not to make mistakes, showing explicit sexual intentions or seeing charming girl look past past your table. Always keep a respectful and gallant attitude to his lady.

If the first date is not over something spicy, do not show the girl his frustration.

Mercantile and calculating?
In relation to girls from Eastern Europe, we hear it all the time, writes further Bandiera. Devourer of men and money, aferistki, materialistic person ... In fact, the fact that these girls are interested mainly in the Italian purse, more like a legend than a reality. But for every rule there are exceptions.

Faced with a beautiful girl, be careful when on the first date, it will let you know that it gains needed gifts - a clear signal that it wants you to earn extra money and then disappear.

We must also add that the countries of the former USSR, all lunches and dinners, especially during the period of courtship, a man pays. Such an approach does not mean a desire to sit on the neck of a man, it's just a particular mentality.

At the same time throw out of my head the idea that a girl from Russia to escape from their country, ready to rush to the first comer. Apart from exceptional cases, women living in big cities, not crazy about the idea of ​​moving to the West.

They do not get bored
Typically Italian, married, dress up of the "femme fatale" in clothing Desperate Housewives. This is unlikely to happen with a girl from Eastern Europe. She will do anything to not be for you unattractive.

Even after many years of marriage she finds a way to surprise you and to maintain the passion. Sex - is also an important factor. Let's say that very rarely do you hear the classic cause of failure - "I have a headache." At the same time, they are also the angels of the hearth. At the tender age they are already trained in all cases on the farm. They are well prepared, do not forget to exercise imagination.

Take one of the dilemmas of Italian women: what to choose - a house or a career? For Russian there is no problem: to have a good position does not mean to abandon the family. They manage to be both mothers and wives and work. The union of two people, especially if they have children, it is considered inseparable. Come to tear only possible in special cases. Unlike our compatriots are accustomed to struggle not to lose his lover.

In other words, he married a girl from Eastern Europe, you will never be bored. Unless you are not boring.

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