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Single lady Elena

29 y/o female
Sevastopol, Russia

Seeking man for Marriage, Relationship, Romance

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Hey, guys!! Here I am, the dream of every man haha! Truly saying, I am not self-centered person and NOT A PLAINE GIRL as the most blondes are considered. I love life and try to be thankful for everything I have. But life is not a fairy tale and i know this. I lost my parents when I was a teenager and we were living together with my sister by ourselves, so you understand that I know how to overcome hardships and difficulties in life. At the moment my sister is living in France, she got married there and she is very happy ))) I guess it is my turn now to find my love and build a strong family!!!

I am looking for a genuine man that will share my life position. I need a husband, a friend, and a passionate lover. I learned a long time ago that what you physically look like : skinny, muscular or heavy doesn't make you a man. BUT your deeds make you a man!! Do you take care of your responsibilities, and do you try to live a good life and love the ones in your life, THAT is what makes you a MAN!!!). Yes , I need a gentlemen who cares about me and wants to be in my life and make a future with me and only me!!

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  1. the cold cuts through me-
    bloody and deep.
    I want to get warm,
    but all I can do is sit and weep.

    you left me broken and hurt
    and feeling depressed.
    I said I was sorry and I love you,
    but you weren't impressed.

    we fought about the abuse
    and you didn't believe me.
    I tried to explain it all-
    how else would a child know what I saw?

    I felt his body on top of me,
    heavy and hot
    and I cried out in pain
    as I fought with everything I got.

    he says he does it
    because he loves me,
    but what kind of love is that?
    the truth I just cant see.

    I want to be warm
    but you left me.
    I want you to believe,
    but it never will be