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22 y/o
Balaklava, Russia

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I'm that dangerous type of women whom you become addicted to immediately... As you try once, you will want MORE and MORE every day.)) You don't believe me? Ha-Ha! Well, you have to check.) Of course, I’m laughing right now, I like sarcasm but you know, they say “In every joke there’s a grain of truth”. OK, you are still welcome to check!)) I need to say something about myself in this description, let me try. My fiends would say I’m rather mature for my age and I think I would agree with them, thanks to my education and upbringing. Indeed I have always felt much more comfortable in a company of elder people. If I’m expected to describe myself in a few words, then I’m not a fan of frivolity, I’m more about profoundness, I would always prefer quality over quantity, that’s my life philosophy. Yes, young blondes can have brains and own life philosophy – you are welcome to check if you still doubt.)) I think I will stop here since you are still going to check my words and we’ll have more time for this discovery.)) Oh, one more thing, - good humor, including sarcasm is my cup of tea for sure!

I won’t write a traditional description of a perfect partner here as each of us wants to be with a reliable, intelligent, caring, kind, faithful and respectful person, that’s the fact.)) Instead I would like to emphasize that special trait that would be essential for me in my partner. I want my man to be a strong personality, no matter what shortcomings and imperfections he has. He can have his weaknesses, we all do have them, but no matter what, he must have the inner core – for me that’s the sign he is a real man. I’m a strong person myself but with him I want to feel being a weak female, feel protected and secure – after all that’s a natural wish for a female, isn’t it?)) So, I have only natural expectations towards my future partner, nothing extraordinary, in fact. Just be a real man and you have all chances to win my heart, soul, whatever!))) Despite my young age, I’m not interested in short affairs but intended to find my life partner here, my FUTURE HUSBAND for a LIFE TIME! So, please, write me only if you are looking for the same, let’s not waste each other’s precious time, only serious men ready for continuation in reality, ready for a family life are wanted and welcome!)) Thanks for understanding!


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